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My Wall Treat

Turn your favorite photo or image into an artwork, the size of your wall, with customized prints and stickers for your walls. Digitally printed, our custom wall prints can be applied quickly and easily to almost any smooth, clean, dry surface. It can even be removed easily without damaging the applied on surface. Customized wall prints not only add a decorative touch to any wall, but are also great for placing your company's logo or mission statement on the walls at your office or post a life-size image of your favorite city, sports team, or even of your loved ones at home.

So, all you have to do is give Wall Treat an image of your choice and instructions on how you want to customize it. Our in-house designer’s will then tailor-make image for you based on your guidelines and send you the changed image which then can be printed as a wall sticker.

The cost doesn’t include any special work done on visuals (personal pictures). Such cost will vary based on the job requirements.

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